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  • Youtube

    In this video I show you how involved a clutch replacement is on one of these and why you may not get a perfect shifting trans afterwards. This is just an FYI for owners.

  • Go Auto

    FORD’S current-model Focus small car has hit more turbulence in Australia, this time with more than 10,000 cars being ordered back to dealership service workshops to have substandard drive shafts replaced.

  • Go Auto

    FORD Australia president and CEO Graeme Whickman has promised to continue to work with dealers and customers to address any problems associated with the Powershift dual-clutch transmission fitted to its previous LW Focus and other models including the Fiesta light car and EcoSport crossover.

  • Cars Guide

    My daughter is having problems with the dual-clutch auto in her 2013 Ford Focus Trend Auto. Ford has admitted that they are unable to fix the problem with this gearbox. Ford is not recalling this model; instead they are trying to do a buy-back through their dealers, but offering only trade-in pricing. Can you help?

  • Auto Expert

    We have an 18-month-old Ford Focus Trend 2.0-litre automatic, purchased new. From day one the car shuddered much like a manual car under labour from incorrect gear selection. Sometimes it is minor and other times very pronounced and clunky. It's very noticeable in roundabouts or tight cornering.